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Luis A. Rivera II

To tell you about Luis Rivera II is to tell you a  story about the underdog. Since birth, Mr. Rivera has had a "NEVER GIVE UP" state of mind, At two weeks old, when he had a fever, his parents rushed him to the emergency room where he was pronounced dead for three minutes. Luckily for him, they never stopped performing C.P.R. (cardio pulmonary resuscitation).
Who knew that moment would forever change his life?  From that moment, Luis was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.
Luis was physically born in Puerto Rico, but his heart will always belong to the small town where he grew up, Milford, Massachusetts. Luis’s parents believing in the prosperity of the American dream and what it meant for their children decided life outside of Puerto Rico was best for their future, and the future of their family.
People always say “that our childhood is what defines us as the person we see in the mirror today.” If this is the case, then Luis Rivera is the luckiest man on Earth. When doctors told his parents that their son would never speak a word, or when the public school system told them that their son wasn’t "smart" enough to go to a "normal" school, they never gave up their hope for their son's future. Luis’s parents never treated their son like he was disabled. Never once did they feel pity for him, not once.  They knew that would only weaken their child and leave him defenseless. Instead they taught him that he was "normal", just like everyone else. This is something that Luis would hold close to his heart, and  he would walk with that love for the rest of his life...
You see, when you tell a person no, don’t, or you can’t, most likely, that person will find a way to prove you wrong.
One thing that has helped Luis over the years is his love for his family and his love for movies. Luis believes his love for films will carry him to new heights.
Films are the reason he started talking for the first time. His LOVE of films is one of the reasons why he pursued his dream of one day moving to Southern California to become a screenwriter. Luis wants to  share his hopes, his drive, and his passion for life with the world and he feels screenwriting is the best venue from him to do so.
It wasn’t till high school Luis told his parents that he wanted to move to California to break into films as a writer.
His mom who has always been there for him, saved her money, quit her good paying job, and picked up with her son to go to beautiful Southern California, so that he may continue to pursue his dreams, just like any other kid would.

Of course, she stayed with him until the time was right, and after, Luis’s mom went back home. From that moment on, Luis was a man on a mission. He began going to college for a short time to study film, and performing stand up comedy at every bar he could find (which isn’t too hard for Luis). He knew if he had any kind of shot of making it, he had to put himself out there and knock on every door he could, until the right door opened.

Doors opened to Luis like Last Comic Standing Season Four. The more Luis practiced his stand up comedy routine, the more he loved making people laugh. In turn, making them forget about their problems. He discovered that he had  a great "power" and was fearless on the mic. He discovered that this was something that would enrich his life, for the better. Over the years Luis’s comedy lead him to the main stage at the San Diego’s Comedy Store every Sunday night. A spot he held for three years.

Then in 2006, the same week he was going a move to the City of Angels, Luis was hit from behind while driving his wheelchair home after a succeful nights stand-up performance, by a drunk driver in the middle of the night. This would leave him held up in the hospital for ten months. Once and again, his mother, ill herself having been diagnosed with cancer, was there for her son, vigilant, every night.

After he left the hospital, it took some time for his mind, body and soul to heal, but when it did, Luis finally got to move to Los Angeles to fulfill  his destiny of breaking into comedy and “showbiz”. From the moment he got to the City of Angels he didn’t waste any time. Again, Luis found himself to be a man on a mission. There was one thing Luis now knew for sure , that no matter what, life can be way too short, too fast. Soon he found himself doing shows like the Hollywood Improv, the World Famous Laugh Factory and the Comedy Store of Sunset Boulevard fame.

Luis is still doing stand up comedy anywhere he can wrestle a mic away. He also finds himself, late at night, writing his screenplays and refining his comedy act until the Universe feels the time is right to share his stories with the rest of the world. When his time comes, and it will, Luis believes he will bring a new era of storytelling to Hollywood and it’s fans.

“Oh my dear readers, i hope you no longer have any doubts about Luis A. Rivera II"

“It’s ok my beautiful audience, just sit back, buckle up, and watch Luis Rivera II ride into the sunset,  doing what he has been doing since the day he was born, PROVING "THEM" WRONG!!!”


‘’A YOUNG MAN ONCE ASKED THE WISE MAN [sir how do you know when your Destiny on earth is fulfilled, the wise man looked at the young man with a smile on his face and said ‘’WELL, YOU’RE STILL ALIVE AREN’T YOU?!’‘’ -unknown

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